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WPHL-17 1979

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 A Short Story Of Connections


UltramanDr. Shock

Back in the day, I was one of many rotten little kids, who rushed home after school to catch the Wee Willie Webber Cartoon Club on WPHL 17. My personal favorite part of the show was when Willie would announce "Hatah Ultraman". There was a monster, on one episode, that Ultraman fought, named Jirass, who  looked suspiciously familiar. Now that I am old and fat, and we have the internet ( thanks to Al Gore ), I was able to confirm that Yess, The Godzilla costume got a make over for Ultraman.  WPHL 17 Also just happened to show my other favoritest show in all of today, every Saturday afternoon, Dr. Shock's Mad & Horror Theater. The best times I had watching Dr. Shock's show was when there were Godzilla movies.

Godzilla Movie PosterGodzilla Stare

 Don't get me wrong, I like all movie monsters, Godzilla is just my favorite car smashing, boat, tank, and plane, eating, Radio Active, fire breathing, robot whooping, kick the living snott out of everything living or otherwise, monster. I could Yickity Yack on for hours, but what would be the point, there are way too many wonderfully done Godzilla Pages out there, that can provide every detail you never wanted to know. This little page is what Godzilla has meant to me, from the eyes of a rotten little kid, to present day.


Godzilla ArrivesGodzilla Close Up

All Brought to us by WPHL 17 Philadelphia, The Great Entertainer of the 70's and 80's, which now specializes in infomercials. Talk about MAD & HORROR television. Breaking Bald, while I use my No-No to eliminate body hair. Midgets teach me how to flip houses, which I can Flex Seal back together. Then I can wear my Secret Hair Extensions, while working out on my Bow Flex.  Godzilla Help Us !!!


Blue Oyster Cult - Go Go GODZILLA Music Video On Youtube 

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Click on the little green Godzilla - for an interactive flash play - by: Aaron John Gregory

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